Minimal Living

Educating the busy folks in the world about the joys of the minimal living lifestyle.

Danshari (断捨離), also known as minimal living, is a trend that has sweeped Japan over the past few years. In a world of consumerism and hectic work schedule, life can feel pretty terrible. Minimal living aims to declutter your life both physically and mentally so that you can focus on the more important things in your life.

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Japan’s culture of consumerism

The first section introduces Japan’s culture of measuring their happiness and self-worth by how much they consume.


Miyazaki and Jobs - The Minimalists

The next section dives into the lives of two big influential people who embraced minimalism into their lives and their creations.


The benefits of minimal living

The improved quality in one’s life with minimal living is emphasized. Stress is reduced, more time is available and you can focus on the things you love doing.


How do real people embrace minimal living?

Danny Choo, an online blogger in Japan, was chosen as an example of an average person who embraced minimalism. We see how he was able to achieve success in a relatable context.


Try minimal living for a week!

Readers are introduced to very approachable methods that help understand how it feels to live minimally. This ranges from a minimal diet to a quick 10 minute meditation session.

The making of “Minimal Living”

The publication was created within a 14-week typography class that focused on type in a digital format on the iPad. Many thanks to my professor, Carla Barr, for guiding me throughout the whole process.